The Trash We Find

Metal detecting is not all treasure and fun. In fact its hard work sometimes and frankly if you are expecting gold on your first trip then sell your detector now because this hobby is not easy and it takes dedicated time, research and big patience to eventually pull gold or any kind of serious treasure. The picture above is from my first full season and although it doesn’t look that full from the angle, it was really heavy.

One of the worst enemies for a metal detectorist are all the pull tabs imbedded into this earth. Once you start detecting you’ll learn real quick that the trash flows everywhere. At least most of the common areas and you find plenty of tabs, cans, shreds of aluminum (aka can slaw), bottlecaps and whatever you can think of.
As a result, I like to think of us as environmentalists from all the trash we remove. But maybe for every 1000 tabs you dig up, there might be a gold ring in there. So to say this is an easy hobby or to think you’ll get rich quick, think again.
On one good note is that I know some folks out there even collect it all and cash it in themselves so there still can be some pay back if you want to take it that far.

If you are water detecting, you can also include anything else like these weights that came from one detecting session. Either way, this is just how it goes and as long as you are persistent then it can pay off. But as I said, you have to be patient. I’ve seen a lot of folks come and go over the years that never return the next season because the realization of what you actually dig up and how much work it takes just may not be worth the time for that person. For me, I love the hobby and anyone who enjoys this loves the history of it and that thrill of finding some rare or unique.

If you are just starting out, then don’t let this post deter you. Don’t give up out there, eventually you will find something awesome. Good luck and if you have any questions, feel free to shoot me a message.