Old Cut But No Gold

Just recently I went out to my local spot since the waves have been pounding the beach but lately it has not been great out there. Despite the history and the fact that a small area was exposed after years of normal activity, the targets were somewhat minimal and lacked those fresh drops. What you see was dug deep in 2-4 feet of water with heavy rocks and very cold waters. It was really tough to cut through all the debris and rocks on this cut

Its a bit odd but these days, I don’t have high hopes since its been bleak all together in my area and the fact that my friends and I have been pounding this beach for years. Nevertheless, when you have a rare 20 foot square area open up, I thought at least one silver or gold item would pop out. In this case it did not and it goes to show that even with research and constant checking, doesn’t always work out for treasure. BUT I guess that all depends on how you want to look at it.

As you can see I managed a few interesting items. 18 coins mostly from the 80’s, 3 junkers, and the largest toy car I have ever pulled out of the water. Among other things, there was a pocket knife and old oil lamp socket which was probably my most interesting find. In any case, there wasn’t any precious metals but even with the right conditions, you still don’t always come out with something valuable. But those other finds can still have history and value to them so its still fun to be out there finding these items.