Metal Detecting

Gifts From The Gigmaster!

Sometimes you find something in your mail that you don’t expect. I received two sweet t-shirts from the Gigmaster not that long ago.

He even made one custom for me as well which is super cool.

If you dont know who he is, then you can find his metal detecting Youtube channel here:

I think you will find he has a great channel, very informative and entertaining. So be sure to check it out, like and subscribe!

The shirts he sent were basically a thank you for set a headphones I mailed to him for testing. They are a beta set which I will call the Hydra-HP-Elites and they will be the latest edition to the mods section here. The new set will have the XP Deus 2 WS4 adapter attached to it and will allow you to connect them to any other detector you want. More info to follow here but for now. Big thanks goes out to the Gigmaster for the shirts. I’ll be wearing these out in the field soon!