Modified Waterproof Sea Ghost Equinox Case w/ Remote PinPoint

Hey folks, the title says it all but here is a video of the Sea Ghost case for the Minelab Equinox with remote pinpoint switch.

Some things to add with the video that I did not mention. I am currently using an Equinox 800 but I suspect this will be compatible with the next gen Equinox 900’s. I did ask if they would be but it was unknown at the time since they were not released yet. Regardless whether you feel this is worth it or not, I feel it is. Although I may not dive with this thing it will be more waterproof than the latest versions. Mark my word folks, you will see flooded 900’s in time.

Once you remove the Equinox from the original housing, you will need to solder in 4 wires for the buttons on the back of the motherboard. This is not for the faint of heart and I would not recommend doing this project unless you are comfortable with this kind of work.
Here is the wires to solder in. My one negative is that he did not leave a lot of slack in these wires. It really would be nice to make them longer so you do not have to solder them while it is in the case.

As you can see these 4 will need to be soldered to the back. This was not an easy task but it worked fortunately. This is probably the hardest part other than ripping open the old housing.

With the remote pinpoint, I first had to figure out the pinout of the connector for the headphones. The pinout for the 8 pin M12 Connector is as follows:

I could then route the pair I needed those pins. This is also a pic of the ribbon cable splice mod that I did to get the remote pinpoint wires to a switch then splice the pins out to the M12 connector. You could in theory micro solder two wires off of the socket for the keypad ribbon cable and not have to use this. Not the prettiest thing but I believe pins 1 and 4 were used. The switch allows me to switch back to the USB pair for uploading firmware but I have to remove the back case to do it.

The pair is then routed out of the headphone jack on it’s own wire with an M8 waterproof connector to an IP68 momentary toggle switch on the hand grip.

As you see, the pinpoint wire is joined with the M12 connector. This then can be disconnected if I need to remove the headphones.

Overall, this is a great waterproof case and I am looking forward to trying it out in the deep water. If you have any questions, please free to contact me. Thanks.