Equinox and Excalibur Hydra-HPs

The first batch of prototypes are done. I call them prototypes just because I have done this before for the Excalibur years ago but never for the Equinox. They are basically the same as my old Peltor-PB7 design but obviously the connector and headset has changed, plus new design improvements are being made to make these a bit easier to build. But regardless they have served me well over the years and you can see the basic DIY build here:

These prototypes have been around for a while but I am now updating this to a final version with proper parts instead of random items put together. So I will be testing out a new 3D part that I will be making.

This new part will fit the receiver and then fit into the earcup perfectly. No more cutting or grinding down parts which will make life easier. Once this is out of the way, I can put them together much faster and be able to produce them on a regular basis.

Also, I will be getting the rare Kobitone receivers to go with the now named Hydra-HPs or Hydra Headphones and I am pretty excited about this. The prior ones I have are currently using the Audiosears receivers. They are quite good but I think the Kobitones are better. Once I have those to test and use, I’ll be good to go.

Currently, the only thing I have available are 2 sets of Hydra-HP prototypes featured above with the Audiosears for 100.00 each. Two are sent out for testing and the rest are for sale. Future orders may be taken if the demand is high but for now this is all that will be available for a while. Certainly feel free to contact me for any pre-orders as I am waiting on a couple items that are out of stock. Thanks.

The Kobitones that I received are not better than the originals or the Audiosears so it looks like it the Hydras will remain with the Audiosears until further notice.

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  1. These are really awesome. Ive been using these on my Excalibur you did 2 years ago. They have worked flawlessly.

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