Metal Detector Coil Repair

Once in a while the wire on your coil may deteriorate and the jacket will peel. Unfortunately there is no way to replace the jacket but you can replace the wire instead of replacing the whole coil itself. So unless you take the coil apart, which I don’t recommend, this would be the next best thing.

In this case, I can replace the wire at the base but instead of just splicing it, I create a part that will thread down on to the coil itself.

This part is then countersunk onto the original threaded fitting of the coil. Then I can allow the spliced wires to be placed into this part which then filled with epoxy.

The end result turns out really good and will typically outlast the coil itself.

Lastly, as I have done a few of these now, I may increase the diameter of the coil repair part just so I can make it a bit shorter. This helps when the bend/angle of the coil wire to the shaft. Either way, this has worked very well on the Excalibur coils as well as a couple others I’ve done.

4 thoughts on “Metal Detector Coil Repair”

  1. I love this idea! I have a 10″ Excal coil that I would love to try this on. Do you mind me asking what type of material you turned the fitting out of?
    Many thanks,
    Jed Murphy

    1. Thanks for the comment. I used a 1″ Acetal Copolymer Round Rod. Next time I will probably use a 1.5″ so it can be a little shorter when flush with the coil.

      1. Do you mind me asking where you sourced the new pigtail strain relief and what size it was?

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