Custom Modified Minelab Excalibur

My main tool of searching has been the Minelab Excalibur but if you buy a new stock one, your results may vary when it comes to one that is fully modified!

Let me introduce you to my Excalibur. This one is has all the mods and it is always performs like the stock ones but better!
As you can see this is customized. First and foremost, there are the decals. I made them in Photoshop then had them professionally printed. Next are the blue aftermarket knobs….they are a nice touch but you have to be careful with them, they can easily break your stems if you bump them too hard.

Headphone Jack

Next we have the headphone jack. This a 2 pin waterproof connector that allows me to remove or swap my headphones as needed. Very handy in case a pair breaks or just to remove for travel.

Coil Swap Mod Connector

This is one of my favorite mods. Its the coil swap mod that allows me to swap out any BBS coil depending on the application. It has a 4 pin connector that is waterproof and works fantastic.

Remote PinPoint Mod and Handle stress relief mod

This another key modification that is a must. The handle has an IP68 toggle switch inside that allows you to switch from all metal mode to discrimination mode. Very handy when working areas full of iron or black sand.

The other modification is the type of handle used. Its meant for palm support on bicycles and is very helpful after long periods of time. This helps from cramping up. Secondly, I have added a hand strap which helps give relief when swinging back in water when the resistance is pulling against your hand. This stress relief mod is key if you hunt in deeper water a lot.

Custom Made Headphones

Lastly is the custom made headphones. These are extremely important since the stock headphones truly suck and these give you much more response. This particular set are made with the rare hard to get Kobitone receivers which are my personal favorite. On top of that, I have integrated a bluetooth module that connects to my cell phone. That way I wont miss a call or text from the Mrs.

So there you have it, my modified excal. If you have any questions about it, please send me a message. Thanks.

3 thoughts on “Custom Modified Minelab Excalibur”

  1. Thank you for posting your Minelab Excalibur modifications.

    I’m trying to modify my Excalibur II and I’m wondering if you could let me know the supplier/part number information for the 2 & 4 pin waterproof connectors and the IP68 pinpoint switch.

    Thanks again for posting your Excalibur modifications.


    1. Hey there John. Thanks for your interest. I have been using the same connectors for years now and surprisingly they have been great and are still available. I only say that since many of the waterproof connectors these days are plastic like mine but are total junk. Yet the ones I got seem to be better than the crap on ebay. Most folks use the M12 connectors now from Mouser. But I still have had no need to switch to more expensive connectors unless you plan on diving. I have updated my parts list for my Excal. Its been a while so I tried to update some of the links in the PDF. But below is the link to parts list and feel free to let me know if you have any other questions. You can email me at my site name @

      1. Thank you for kindly helping me with my connector and pinpoint switch inquiry. Your very thorough documentation with links will be very helpful! Thanks again, John

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